Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Defeat The Boredom :D

Hey guys! :P Bored? Well here are some sites to go on while Woozworld is down:

dragon fable.com     star doll.com     club penguin.com     YouTube.com     fantage.com     thesims.com     dressupgirl.net     girlsgogames.com     addictinggames.com tumblr.com    

Hope this helped! :)  (All of these games you can make an account for free :D)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Woozworld Music Videos! :D

Hey guys! :P These are some awesome music videos that I came across :)  All rights go to them not to meeee :D

Zack & Zeena Wooz

Hey guys! :P I just wanted to confirm that it's a fact that the hackers are definately not Zack or Zeena. Zack and Zeena are just animators basically made to be "the bad guys" of Woozworld. So no worries! xD

Anonymous O.O

Hey guys! :P I'm here to talk about who I personally think hacked Woozworld...It all started with a video that this new woozen called Anonymous-WZW posted on his woozen. It said that him and a group were going to work day and night hacking woozworld trying to shut it down. During the whole video the background was this picture to the left.All the woozens were freakin' out about it so I decided to do some INTENSE GOOGLE RESEARCH. xD  Turns out "Anonymous" is a huge global group of Hacktivists, meaning hackers that are also activists. They wear masks that look like this:
So yeah I was a little creeped out O.O Those masks resemble Guy Fawkes, an activist in the early 1600's. These people have hacked many sites, even the U.S government! Now, I'm not sure if it really was them, or if it was just a big coincidence.  Either way, WE GET PRESENTS WHEN WOOZWORLD RETURNS!!! XD And I just wanna say that I really appreciate all the hard work the team has done trying to fix woozworld up. :)

Ohhh Nooooo D:

Hey guys! :P I'm going to talk about THE HACKING DILEMMA. ~Dun dun dun~ It happened on Feb 14 when this happened:
Yep, I was pretty bummed. At first I just thought that they were uploading the new Babiz Woopetz. When I got back on my prediction was correct but when I went on my Contactz I only had like 70 friends! Now, before this happened I had like 987 so that was weird. Then I saw that everybody had lost most of their friends and were attacking the Woozband with complaints. So the next day I went back on and this was the picture:
So yeah I was like WHAT DA FUDGE IS HAPPENING? True mystery... xD Until the day after (I'm sorry if this post is being deathly boring the good part is coming up xD)  when there was an "IMPORTANT MESSAGE" Here it is: Woozworld would like to thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the current service interruption. We are presently investigating an illegal intrusion of our systems that has put at risk the integrity of our data. 'O' Oh noes!

(Stay tuned for my theory of who did it :P)

New people :D

Hey guys! :P For all you new Woozworld peeps out there, here's a quick summary of what Woozworld is: Woozworld is an extremely fun and interactive game where you can express your creativity and design! Thank you thank you that was an original xD Now I don't know about you, but I'm having a terrible time having no Woozworld!!!!! It's driving me nuts .O. Just kidding just kidding...But I have to admit..this is the longest time I've gone without Woozworld! That's sad xD I hope they figure out who hacked into the system...If you don't know what I'm talkin' about, I'll describe in my next post :D Toodles! :P

Welcome! :D

Hey guys! :) This is toxicbear here. You may know me from woozworld.com I decided to make a blog of my own about woozworld and how fun it is! :P Heres a link to my other blog, sjatc.blogspot.com Now lets get started!